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April 9, 2009
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Energy Wars Map by PaintFan08 Energy Wars Map by PaintFan08
Okay this came about as a result of playing too much Frontlines: Fuels of War, EndWar, and Battlefield. Its of a world in the 2030s that is running out of energy. Some alternatives have appeared but not enough to take oil out of world politics. Here's a short break down on how each of the areas came about.

North America

The US continues to play its role as superpower. Due to increasing energy prices a variety of new ideas are used in the country. Cars with hybrid engines or alternate power are in use. Mexico manages to contain rising violence with criminal factions but a large US border wall is up. Canada is pretty much unchanged. It has improved its economy due to its energy assets.

Central-South America

Continued anti-Americanism led by Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez had seen the Americas breaking away from US influence. Chavez had become the ';President for life' in Venezuela. In 2020 he cuts off oil supplies to the United States which nearly results in a war. The US however finds itself committed in the Middle East and doesn't seek a military solution. In order to prevent a future US attack, Chavez forms the Brotherhood of Nations with Cuba and Ecuador, and Panama.

This alliance pushes Columbia further into the US camp with some American military units basing themselves in country. Brazil, Chile, and Argentina form the SAJA. It works as a check on US ambitions in South America and the Brotherhood. The SAJA also combines their economic and energy assets.


The EU continues to expand. As energy prices rise and Russia becomes more resurgent, Eastern Europe and Britain join. Due to the need for oil and natural gas the EU signs off on American occupation of certain parts of the Middle East in exchange for a share of the oil. New pipelines are laid from Turkey to Iran to counteract Russian control over Europe's energy needs. When the Ukraine joins in 2025 it almost results in a Russian intervention. Tensions have been cold between the EU and Asian Confederation ever since.

The Middle East

Iraq continues to develop despite attacks from rebels and terrorists. US forces are mostly gone from the country by 2015. Advisors and some combat troops remain to help the Iraqis with security. Iraq befits from new European gas and oil pipelines to Turkey. Tensions exist with Iran.

Iran develops nuclear weapons. This leads to the Isreali public announcement they have their own nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Tension between both powers will exist till the deployment of US and Asian Confederation ABM systems. Iran made many economic and security deals with India, which resulted in Iranian involvement in the Final Indian-Pakistani War. Iran continues to be a partner with India and a major player do to its remaining oil and gas reserves most of which goes to India and Asian Confederation.

Saudi Arabia began to buckle under internal pressures throughout 2010-2020. Dissatisfaction with the Royal family caused more chaos and terrorism. Conflicts between radical Islamists, democratic groups, and loyalist plunges the country's major cities into civil war. Unwilling to risk the lost of the oil refineries, the US moves in and occupies the oil fields. Iraqi and other Middle East troops take part along with some European forces. Saudi Arabia today is torn by rival factions controlling different cities. US and Allied forces continue to hold onto the oil fields.

Israel and its neighbors continue to exist. Many accept de-facto peace with Israel in exchange for economic and energy cooperation. A Palestinian state is created in 2018. The IDF expanded its missile and air forces to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat but scaled back these programs once Israel was brought under the US-European ABM system. Israel still has a large number of tactical nuclear weapons.

Central Asia

Afghanistan requires large numbers of NATO and US troops till the Final Pakistani-Indian War of 2021. With the support base for the Taliban gone, the country sees the first real peace in nearly a century. US and NATO troops remain in place but in smaller numbers. Drug production is a major problem in the country.

India and Pakistan tensions degraded through 2010-2020. Taliban and radical Islamic movements in the north of the country caused more chaos inside Pakistan. The civilian government is replaced once again in 2015. Pakistani Army generals try and crush the radical movements but it only caused further dissident and brings attacks into the major cities. India nervous over Pakistan's deterioration, moved more troops along the frontiers. Pakistan doubles efforts in Kashmir. By 2021 a full scale civil war breaks out in Pakistan. India fears that Islamabad will lose control of its nukes and decides to mount a first strike.

Indian missiles catch many of Pakistan's weapons on the ground. Some Pakistani weapons retaliate. India destroys Pakistani targets and civilian centers in response. Iran as part of a secret agreement with India, launches attacks along its border. Two more weeks of conventional combat occurs till India controls most of Pakistan. Although condemned for their actions, India is too economically connected to the western powers for them to take serious action. The war weakens India due to the physical destruction, fallout, and now the cost of controlling the remaining habitable sections of Pakistan.

More later....
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PaintFan08 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
Prob off alternate forums, can't get more specific than that since IDK what thread it was in.
css371 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Student Filmographer
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Sorry don't have the base anymore, lost it one computer ago.
HelsinkiAngels Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Question! Why is Sweden greyed out and not part of the EU?
PaintFan08 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Failure on my part. If they are in the EU, I just missed it.
Mikkarter Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
What about Australia? Is there some kind of Main Force Patrol? And officer named Max Rockatansky?
PaintFan08 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Australia would be key to dealing with Russia-China in the Pacific. Strong naval and air forces for them, with close ties to the U.S. Navy. Don't know about the guy your talking about.
95ACgrfs1228 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Considering EndWar and Frontlines Fuel of War has inspired this, and the fact the Philippines (my home country) is a US/EU ally...

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Thanks glad you like, EW and FFW were inspirations for this one.
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